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I have had the honor of working with and being associated with Gabe for a long period of time and on various projects. During that tenure I have always found Gabe to be one of the best at identifying and coaching talent to be the best they can be.
Working with talent is so much more than a weekly coaching session.  Coaching talent is about identifying trends and knowing how the changing times will not only affect the talent personally, but how these trends affect the lives of the consumers and how the talent needs to fill the consumer's needs.  In my questions as to what is going on in the marketplace, I find Gabe to be engaged and at the forefront in identifying changes and use him to talk out problems to help create better and more focused brand product.
Talent can no longer just focus on the traditional media of radio, television or print as the consumer is in other places such as digital media, moving forward you can trust that Gabe will be there giving sound advice on how talent can succeed today and well into the future.

Darryl Parks, Program Director, WLW/Cincinnati

Gabe was not only instrumental in assisting important Clear Channel News Talk properties with Product refinements but in that role also worked closely with many highly successful CC Talk Talent.   Gabe was always quick to recognize potential, provide direction as needed, or be available to resolve any concerns.

Tom Owens, EVP Programming, Clear Channel Corporate

As to radio programming, talk in particular, Gabe Hobbs intuitively and thoroughly gets it. I started in the business with Gabe as a program director and he spoiled me rotten. He’s simply the best. In my 20 years of talk radio, I can say that no one possesses Gabe’s nonpareil ability to oversee, direct and thoroughly understand the rudiments of the biz. He truly enjoys the medium and always encouraged me and my colleagues to have fun and enjoy, as he is wont to remind, the “show” in show business. From a managerial viewpoint, Gabe has been involved in every facet of the industry and, believe me, everyone knows who Gabe Hobbs is. He is most respected in the industry — a respect, I respectfully submit, earned through his vast experience, talent and savvy.

Lionel, Nationally syndicated talk show host, Air America

Gabe Hobbs is a man of vision who understands the multi-faceted nature of our business, from the need to be credible to the need to be entertaining, and how the two can and must coexist. His instincts are spot-on; with his encouragement and coaching we grew Newstalk 550 KFYI in Phoenix to the #1 market position, toppling a heritage station. Gabe's influence has been felt throughout our rapidly- changing industry; he is one of the key architects who has built our format into the powerhouse that it is today.

Above all, Gabe "gets" that our business is all about people. He understands that the most gifted hosts are often the most difficult to manage. His style is supportive, non-threatening, and respectful of the uniqueness of talent. Gabe uses humor and positive reinforcement to build trust and let you know he has your back. I consider him to be a mentor and friend.

Laurie Cantillo, Program Director, WABC/New York

Gabe Hobbs, is by far one of the most knowledgeable and insightful people in talk radio today.  Plain and simple, GABE GETS IT.  I learn something new from Gabe every time we speak, and I seek out his input often.  He has a passion for talk radio that truly inspires me and many others.

Sean Hannity, National Radio and Television Personality