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Something a podcast CAN'T do...

KXL Listener Helps Cops Recover Stolen Van
July 21, 2016


While vacationing in Oregon this week, a Los Angeles firefighter and his wife were enjoying some family play time with their two little girls at a local Portland park when they discovered that their camper van — loaded with all of their clothing and belongings — had been stolen. Police were alerted and issued a bulletin describing the stolen van, but in the end it was a good Samaritan and FM News 101 KXL that came to the family’s rescue. The family’s mom — Nicole Craig — decided to call in to KXL’s Lars Larson Show to tell him their sad story. And sure enough a KXL listener who had heard her call thought he saw the camper parked at another nearby park and called in. “I was scared to get close to it, I was sitting about 150 feet away from it in my car,” listener Tom Holce told the radio station in a follow-up interview. “I said, OK I’m just going to casually leave the parking lot and drive by it, and I saw the license plate matched! I was so excited initially, and then after I found the license plate matched I was excited to be able to help somebody out.” Listen to audio of how it all went down during the Alpha Media News/Talker’s Portland’s Afternoon News HERE.
I certainly don’t mean to come at this from a negative angle by saying this is something podcasters can’t really do. The point is radio has many inherent strengths and advantages that are difficult to duplicate. It seems that for some reason it is rare to actually seen personalities and companies leveraging these strengths to produce good radio.

Story from Al Peterson and NTSMediaOnline