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More Psychics Buying Radio?

So I'm catching up on reading the trades this weekend and this headline jumps out at me...


Uh-huh. Is this really our good news headline of the day? Is our business on the upswing because more psychics are buying radio? Seriously? Hey I know. Why don't we ask them? They're psychic right? How are we doing and what's the future? I'm guessing they'll say..."DIGITAL!!"

To be very honest that was one thing that always really bugged me when I was a Program Director. Hardly a week went by that some psychic didn't call me or stop by the station wanting a local or even nationally syndicated talk show. It wasn't that they were asking that bothered me. I just knew they had to be frauds or not very good. Because if they were truly psychic then they could have EASILY divined there is NO WAY in hell I'm going to put them on the radio hosting their own show!!!! :)

And here's the article. From the Friday, October 4, 2013 edition of INSIDE RADIO....

More psychics buying radio…

No need to consult an astrologer — the Psychic Friends Network says it’ll use radio to promote a new product. It’ll lend its name to Key Secrets, which promotes itself as a provider of personalized “destiny reports” sent by email, using things like astrology and numerology. No ad budget has been released, but the target demo for the new product is the under 30 year-old market. “Most people don’t realize that before the original Psychic Friends Network dominated the airwaves, the company was already earning millions of dollars a year in marketing psychic reports,” PFN CEO Marc Lasky says.