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Let's Talk About Talk

October 11, 2013

Gabe Hobbs weighs in on the tired old notion that talk radio is dying.  See what Gabe, Jon Quick and Valerie Geller have to say in Al Peterson's NTS Media Online weekly edition of October 11, 2013.  I've included my full response to Al's questions at the end along with the actual first page from the 1969 edition of the Talk Radio Handbook.  Enjoy!  

News/Talk Ratings from Inside Radio

October 4, 2013

News/Talk ratings slowly creep back up but remain well below last year’s levels. Diversifying content seen as elixir to spoken word radio’s ‘perfect storm.’ Sean Hannity says ratings short-change news-talk format.

The Handoff

August 30, 2013

More great coverage from Al Peterson in the NTS Media Online Weekly regarding the new book from J.T. the Brick. "The Handoff" is a great read....

The Handoff

August 14, 2013

Great book written by J.T. the Brick about J.T. and my good friend Andrew Ashwood. You HAVE to buy this book! Thanks...and it's for a very good cause. Read about it by clicking on either or both of the links below.

Swell - News Radio Rebooted

June 27, 2013

Say hello to Swell, a new personalized app for News and Talk radio listening on your smartphone that has already lined up a pretty impressive roster of partners. TechCrunch.com’s Anthony Ha describes Swell as a Pandora-like experience for spoken-word, in which users simply “open the app, hit play and interesting content immediately starts streaming.” Partners already involved include NPR, American Public Media and ABC News, along with podcasts from the BBC, CBC, Comedy Central, TED Talks and others.

--NTS Media Online, Al Peterson

Rush Celebrates 25 Years

March 18, 2013

Consultant Gabe Hobbs says of Rush's 25 year syndication run, "The short answer is talent, entertainment values and a clear understanding on his part that he is in show business and not politics.  Click below to read more.........

New York's 710 WOR Announces Debut of New Morning Show

New York, NY – January 20, 2015 – 710 WOR-AM, iHeartMedia New York’s legendary news talk station, announced today the debut of its new morning show, "Len Berman and Todd Schnitt in the Morning," which will broadcast weekdays from 6-10:00 a.m., beginning Jan. 26, 2015.

The Parody Store

August 20, 2012

Top quality parodies at great prices. Just click and download. It's that easy!! Also custom parodies available. Inquire at info@theparodystore.com or at gabe@gabehobbsmedia.com.

Blast from the Past

April 8, 2013

"Colonel Hobbs"

March 19, 2013

Veteran Talk radio programmer, talent advisor and consultant Gabe Hobbs was recently honored by the Commonwealth of Kentucky, as Governor Steve Beshear bestowed upon him the title of ‘Kentucky Colonel.’

Talk Show Boot Camp 2012

November 16, 2012

The TALK SHOW BOOT CAMP is underway in NEW ORLEANS, with two days of panels and presentations about the talk format scheduled. Presented by TALENTMASTERS' DON ANTHONY with GABE HOBBS MEDIA, the event at the WESTIN CANAL PLACE hotel kicked off with a Talk-oriented version of the analysis of five years of PPM data that........

Hobbs Joins LDR as Advisor

April 16, 2012

Gabe Hobbs, former SVP/programming for News, Talk and Sports at Clear Channel Radio, joins the Daniel Anstandig-led Listener Driven Radio as a strategic advisor. Hobbs will be working with LDR on the long -term development of the new LDR.TopicPulse, which scans news sources, blogs, Facebook, Twitter and other social media, and generates real-time reports that News/Talk producers can use to judge hot and trending topics.

Keith Olbermann should try radio or web....

April 5, 2012

So exactly where DO you hang a $10 million chandelier? Hmmmm.

Hobbs Joins Anthony For Talk Show Boot Camp

July 23, 2012

Talentmasters, presenter of the Morning Show Boot Camp, and publisher of The Morning Mouth and Jockline Daily, announced that Gabe Hobbs will join Don Anthony for his 4th Annual Boot Camp.

What Gabe Said.....

June 2, 2011

GABE HOBBS IS VEXED. The former Clear Channel news/talk/sports honcho recently made some comments about conservative talk radio that got sucked into the blogosphere where they have been twisted to and fro for various political purposes.

Gabe Hobbs to host State of Talk Radio Panel

May 1, 2011

Talk radio’s lack of variety is one of Gabe Hobbs’ personal pet peeves and the president of Gabe Hobbs Media will “force” that topic into the discussion “whether people like it or not” when he moderates Saturday’s “State of News-Talk Radio” roundtable. “We’ll see if it gets any traction,” he remarks. “Several people there will try to turn this into something political, although it is not a political statement on my part and has nothing to do with personal preferences, but it has everything to do with opportunity.