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One of My Favorite Quotes

May 9, 2017

“No matter how digitized content becomes,

High News/Talk Numbers Have Everyone Talking

February 23, 2016

FROM INSIDE RADIO - February 23, 2016

Fueled by the thrills and spills of a presidential campaign unlike any other, the news/talk format posted its highest ratings in years in January, suggesting that 2016 could become a banner year for the format.

2014 Top 10 Billers in Radio

April 1, 2015

Just open the PDF below to see the $$$$$ champs of 2014!

Why I Love Talk Radio

September 18, 2014

These days, it seems just about everybody wants to bash Talk radio. It’s pretty much always
been a given that the consumer press likes to take shots at the format, primarily whenever a
national or local host says something deemed to be politically incorrect or controversial by its
critics (Imagine that -- a Talk radio host saying something controversial and attracting attention
to their show!) Meanwhile, in recent years the online progressive press faithfully monitors most
every word spoken by conservative Talk radio hosts and can always be counted on to
manufacture a controversy any time Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, or Glenn Beck open their

But in recent months, we’ve been surprised at the number of people from within our own
industry -- even a few pretty high profile broadcast business leaders -- who have jumped on the
“Talk radio is over” bandwagon. They criticize the format’s aging demos -- even though
research has shown time and time again that Talk radio’s loyal, actively engaged and mature
fans are better educated, more affluent and have more purchasing power than the average radio listener. They whine that there’s too much political talk — even though you can find at least a half dozen variations of Talk on the air across the country. And while Talk radio -- like any other format -- faces challenges ahead, here at NTS MediaOnline Monthly we’re willing to risk being called a ‘happy talk’ trade publication, as we corner a cross section of industry pros -- from the control room to the board room -- to speak out on behalf of the format and tell us, “Why I Love Talk Radio!”

He said it...not me!

April 13, 2014

“I’m one of those people that believes deregulation harmed radio and was a terrible thing for our business. Anyone who thinks that one program director can do a better job programming three different stations or one manager can do better managing two AMs and three FMs is either delusional or a liar. The original intent for radio was to serve the community. You can’t tell me that stations are serving their community better now than they were before deregulation. Radio was much more localized and much more exciting and compelling for the local citizens before.”

The Do's and Don'ts of Sending out a Demo

August 26, 2013

Dan Vallie emailed me over the weekend and asked me if I could provide him with a few tips I use with talent when advising them on how to create and send a demo. He only asked for a few sentences but it turned in to a 10-point guide all talent should consider when creating that all-important demo to send to a Program Director. I decided it might be valuable for some other folks as well so here it is for your reading enjoyment and feel free to download for future reference.

Why is internet radio so slow and so far behind?

August 14, 2013

eMarketer has released new figures on internet growth and projections for penetration going forward. Wow....I didn't realize it was THIS bad! :) Click on the link to see the math.

The Do's and Don'ts of Finding an Agent

January 16, 2013

The most common question from on-air media talent in mid-size markets is “How do I know if I need an agent?” The answer is surprisingly complicated.

It is beneficial to have an advocate, facilitator and negotiator in your corner as you try to move up the ladder in the business. But it’s equally vital to consider if an agent can actually help you in smaller markets — and at what cost?

Five Keys to Winning in Morning Drive - Daniel Anstandig

June 19, 2012

It used to be that alarm clocks played radio stations. Morning hosts were always the first voice in the morning. Now, more often than not, the alarm clock is an app on a mobile phone.

The Challenge of Programming Commercials - By Mike Kinosian

October 1, 2010

Incessant-themed monologues –– with lesbians and silicone-enhanced strippers as constant focal points –– were as equal a programming certainty on Howard Stern’s terrestrial radio show as hellaciously long commercial breaks during the “King of All Media’s” outrageously popular morning drive program.